casa amica

Transfer the skills developed and acquired in the "core" sectors of the company in the social sphere: this is the challenge that underlies the Insis approach to the Healthcare world.

The primary objective is to provide security, assistance, tele-medical control to all those who require home care or all those who are housed in care facilities (rehabilitation centers, social welfare centers, etc.)

Transferring «intelligence» to your home for:

  • anticipate hospital resignation
  • prevent return to the hospital
  • Increase the quality of the health service

..and the "intelligence" to feel at home for:

  • The securing of non-domestic environments (social-care residential facilities, hospitals ..)

insis sociale

For Insis, technology is interpreted as a driver for the improvement of living standards and the reduction of social inequalities.

Technology is useless if the skills or knowledge of the people who need it are not sufficient to tap into its potential: accessibility and ethical price are the basis for breaking down material, virtual and social barriers to the use of technology itself.